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    Prestigious Bernese Mountain Dog & Newfoundland Litters


Prestigious litters of Bernese Mountain Dog & Newfoundland

The Montevento kennel has been the first to breed Bernese Mountain Dogs in Italy and among the first  for the the Newfoundland dog breed.

After decades of activity, Montevento kennel still selects with passion the  Bernese Mountain Dog breed and The Newfoundland dog breed, always trying to get beautiful, typical and healthy dogs.

When it comes to selection, of course, we also consider health, admitting  only those candidates who have passed a series of official health checks.

Discover all about Bernese Mountain Dog & Newfoundland Dog

Passion, competence and selection are fundamental to breed specimens of very high genealogy and good character.

Il bovaro del Bernese e i bambini

Bernese mountain dog with children and animals

The relationship that is established between child and puppy follows stages of rapid development. When the puppy arrives at the house he will see in the child a hierarchical superior, but given that the maturation of the dog (at one year…
Il primo viaggio del cucciolo verso casa

The puppy’s first journey home

The long awaited is finally over, excited, we prepare to leave by car to go and pick up our puppy. The breeder will be waiting for us smiling to himself for our emotion: do not be ashamed, it is the same feeling that he experienced the first…
Come gestire il cucciolo arrivato a casa

How to manage your puppy at home

When your new puppy arrives home the most frequent desire is to hold him in your arms: let's be patient and leave your puppy quiet so he can explore and learn about his new environment. However, if we really want to do this, let's never lift…
Come e quando utilizzare il kennel con il cucciolo

How and when use the kennel with your bernese

The kennel is for the dog a pleasant and quiet place, a sort of secluded den in which to spend a few hours away from the annoying men who always want to make him do something: training, play, walks, cuddles. A dog accustomed to kennel feels…
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