• Montevento’s Kennel

    Montevento’s Kennel the most historic breeding of Bernese Mountain Dogs and one of the most historic for the selection of the Newfoundland.

  • Bernese Mountain Dog Kennel

    Prestigious puppies of Bernese Mountain Dog: genetic lines predominantly Swiss and Northern European (Holland, Denmark, Sweden).

  • Newfoundland Kennel

    Selection of the Newfoundland only on American and Canadian lines for the white-black color with clean white, without foreshortening.


Bernese Mountain Dog & Newfoundland

The Montevento kennel has been the first to breed Bernese Mountain Dogs in Italy and among the first  for the the Newfoundland dog breed.

After decades of activity, Montevento kennel still selects with passion the  Bernese Mountain Dog breed and The Newfoundland dog breed, always trying to get beautiful, typical and healthy dogs.

When it comes to selection, of course, we also consider health, admitting  only those candidates who have passed a series of official health checks.